Why charge for samples?

The purpose of charging a sample fee is to ensure a smooth customization process, provide god-quality streetwear apparel, and avoid resource wastage. By doing so. we are better able to meet our customers' needs and deliver professional services in the custom clothing industry.

  • Ensuring Serious Customer Selection

    Charging a sample fee helps filter out customers who genuinely intend to proceed with the customization of streetwear apparel. By paying the sample fee, customers demonstrate their genuine interest and demand for custom clothing, saving both parties time and effort.

  • Funds for Sample Production

    The sample fee plays a crucial role in the customization process. It is utilized to cover the salesman's time and labor costs, acquire suitable fabrics and materials, and produce and process the samples. This allows customers to personally experience and evaluate the quality and design of the samples, ensuring that the final custom-made garments meet their requirements and expectations.

  • Guaranteeing High-Quality Custom Apparel

    The collection of a sample fee signifies our commitment to the quality of custom clothing. By investing funds and resources into sample production, we can strive for high-quality streetwear apparel throughout the customization process. Customers can assess the details,fabric quality, cutting, and design accuracy through the samples, enabling them to decide whether they are satisfied and wish to proceed with the customization.

  • Avoiding Resource Waste

    Charging a sample fee helps reduce resource wastage. A significant amount of time, materials, and labor are involved in producing samples during the customization process. By collecting a sample fee. we ensure that these resources are utilized for customers who have genuine intentions and determination to have clothing customized, avoiding wastage on uncertain demands or customers who haven't thoroughly considered their choices.

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